About Bobs’ 223 Bulk Bullets

All-American Reloading Bullet Components

Bobs’ Bulk .223 Bullets is a small, owner-operated shop in Nevada and all of the bullets are made by the owner. How many other manufacturers can say that? We are a quality not quantity driven shop. Our main focus is making the best bullets at the most competitive price in the industry.We focus on making quality bullets for our customers. We don’t have the overhead and advertising costs that all the big name companies have which means you pay less. Unlike most of the other companies selling bullets that say they’re made in the US all the materials we use are bought from American suppliers, and likewise all of our bullets are designed and manufactured here in the USA by lifelong shooting enthusiasts who know what it takes to

produce a superior bullet. We don’t just put a made in America sticker on a bullet made with Mexican copper and Canadian lead. We make them in America for Americans with American made materials. 100% truly American made, how it’s supposed to be! So you know when you buy from us your money is staying right here and supporting the American manufacturing work force. Plus we feel we make the best 55 FMJ on the planet. Give them a try and see for yourself.

The precision and forethought that goes into our manufacturing process gives Bobs’ Bulk 223 Bullets the very best accuracy available on the reloading market. Our .223 Rem FMJ bullet design maximizes accuracy and speed. While the quality of our bullets is truly top shelf, our bulk pricing means more bang for your buck. When you order online from Bobs’ Bullets, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. There’s no middle-man to add markup, which means YOU PAY LESS.

Good customer service is just as important to us as our bullets. We offer same-day shipping for all orders placed by noon PST Mon-Fri (excluding holidays), and next-day shipping for orders placed after noon. Bobs’ Bullets is available by phone or

email to answer questions about any of our products, orders, or shipping. We are a small shop and therefore don’t have someone sitting by the phone answering calls all day but if you leave us a message we’ll get back to you ASAP! We sincerely appreciate your patronage.


“Got my order last week. Went to the range today with about 6 different loads. Super accurate bullets. All of the loads grouped well. Just ordered more. Called my buddy and told him to order from your site too.” — Kyle P.