10mm/40 cal 180 Grain – 500 Count

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Sized to.400

These are projectiles, not loaded ammunition. They are for reloading purposes only. They contain lead. Please handle accordingly. We recommend loading to target practice speeds only.

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Perfect for reloading, 223 Bulk Bullets offers 45 cal 250 Grain RNFP in a 500 count, bulk package. Sized to .400, these bullets are projectiles only, and not loaded ammunition.

10mm/40 cal 180 Grain

Each of our .223 bulk bullets is made with the highest quality materials bought right here in the United States. Not only are you getting a great product, but you’re also supporting your country at the same time. Our .223 bullets for reloading are made in-house, by experienced professionals and are superior to the bullets sold by our competitors.

3 reviews for 10mm/40 cal 180 Grain – 500 Count

  1. Bill from Wyoming (verified owner)

    Ive used your 223’s for years now and love them. I just got my first order of your lead bullets the other day. Finally shot some and I’m very impressed. No lead fouling in my barrels and the accuracy was great. Just ordered a few thousand more. Any chance youll be doing a heavier 40 cal in the future?

  2. Joe Freeland (verified owner)

    Been using your 223’s for years. Cant be beaten. Just recently ordered some 40 cal lead bullets. Loaded nice. They shoot better. No leading in my barrel after 200 rounds. Just ordered some of the 9mm to try next. Amazing prices. I searched the web for a cheaper price. Couldn’t find any lead bullets as cheap as your selling them. Looking forward to reviewing the 9mm.

  3. Kirk Brant Ogden UT (verified owner)

    first time reviewer,long time customer. Been usin your 223s for a couple years now. recently started loading pistol so I tried your 40 cal 180 grainers and the 9mm 125s. shoot great just like your 223s. I would expect nothing else from you guys. great bullets,great company.

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