.223 Rem 55 Gn FMJ Bullets – 1000 Count

(83 customer reviews)


.223 Remington 55-grain FMJBT with Cannelure.
Projectile bullet reloading components – not loaded ammunition.
Quantity: 1000 Bullets. Free Shipping on all orders!


Perfect for high-volume ammo reloaders, Bobs’ Bullets offers the best value for bulk-packaged 1000 count .223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ Bullets with Cannelure. These .224″ diameter reloading projectiles are ideal for building cartridges in .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO for AR-15 target rifles. These bullet components – not loaded ammunition.

About our .223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ Bullets

Bobs’ Bullets produces only the finest quality match-grade bulk .223 bullet reloading supplies for demanding target shooters and competitive marksmen. You will not find a more superior bulk reloading bullet at this price anywhere. All Bobs’ Bullets reloading components are manufactured right here in the United States, by experienced shooting enthusiasts who know what it takes to engineer an extremely consistent projectile.

The precision and forethought that goes into our manufacturing process gives Bobs’ Bulk 223 Bullets the very best accuracy available on the reloading market. Our .223 Rem FMJ bullet design maximizes accuracy and speed. While the quality of our bullets is truly match grade, our bulk pricing means more bang for your buck. When you order online from Bobs’ Bullets, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. There’s no middle-man to add markup, which means YOU PAY LESS.

We’re proud of the high-quality, American-made reloading bullets we manufacture. The craftsmanship of our .223 bulk bullets is most reflected by our loyal customers: we have a 95% re-order rate. See for yourself what our happy customers are saying about Bobs’ Bullets bulk .223 reloading projectiles:

Our online store stocks .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO bulk bullets for ammo reloaders in quantities of 250, 500, 1000, 5000 and beyond. No order is ever too big! We also manufacture a full line of lead cast bullets in 9mm, .38 cal, .40 cal, .44 cal, and .45 calibers. Visit our bullet shop page for the entire Bobs’ Bullets product line.

Projectile Specifications:

Bobs’ Bullets bulk .223 Remington FMJBT w/Cannelure
Diameter: .224 Inches
Weight: 55.3 Grains (typical)
Sectional Density: .1575
Ballistic Coefficients (G1):
.305 @ 3200 FPS and above
.270 @ 3100-2700 FPS
.245 @ 2600 FPS and below

⚠️ WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

83 reviews for .223 Rem 55 Gn FMJ Bullets – 1000 Count

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    Bought 1000 of the FMJ 223 bullets. Loaded them up the other night and took to the range yesterday. Shot incredibly well! Ordering more now!

  2. John Riordan (verified owner)

    Have loaded these bullets for myself and commercial sales,they are by far the best you’ll get for either shooting predators, 3 gun shooting or just shooting targets out to 400 yards. They get a 10 on a scale of 1-10 And they are made in AMERICA!! Enough said!

  3. Brett Cambridge (verified owner)

    Ive tried just about every bullet out there and these are the best. Extremely accurate. If you’re going to go through the trouble to reload 223/5.56 why not use the best bullet available? These are….Great company and quick shipping

  4. Carl K. Georgia (verified owner)

    Very accurate bullets. Very consistent. Fast shipping

  5. Val Brooks El Paso (verified owner)

    If you value buying American as I do then these are the bullets you want. Aside from being American made they are the most accurate 55’s Ive ever loaded. Bargain for the quality you get. If you want the best you’ve found them. You guys have my business. Thanks

  6. Mike Rossen Mesa AZ (verified owner)

    I cant believe my grouping with your 55 grain bullets. I called Dillon Precision the other day to order a part for my Dillon 650 loader. While I was on the phone with the rep i asked if he could recommend a bullet company for 223/5.56 projectiles. He said he used your bullets exclusively and that they couldn’t be beaten for price or quality. Good enough for me,so i placed an order for 1000. Wow……first off i got them in 2 days. Beautiful finish on them and they loaded great. Now the good stuff, I shoot a Daniel Defense DDM 4 V11 and have always gotten 1″ to 1-1/4″ groups at 100 yards which I am happy with. Well I loaded your bullets with 24.5 grains of H335 all in lake city brass with cci small rifle primers with COL of 2.23″ I shoot off a burris bipod on a cement bench at my local club. I got set-up about 8 am on a clear day with about a 5 mph crosswind. First shot was low and left a bit, second shot I couldnt see???? Same hole!Third shot clover leaf,fourth shot clover leaf!!!!! Holy crap. The first clover leaf group I’ve ever shot. I shot several groups like that for the next half hour. I only loaded up 150 rounds to try the load out. I was super pissed I didn’t have more to shoot. Needless to say I am ecstatic with your bullets. I will only buy from you guys from now on. Just received my second order. Got 5000 this time. Awesome awesome awesome bullets. I cant wait to go shooting with my buddies and put them to shame. Lol

  7. Chris (verified owner)

    Wow. Just came across your website a couple weeks ago. I had been buying from a company in Florida that sells bullets and brass. They are 109 per 1000 and the bullets are nowhere near as good as yours are. They don’t even make them they just buy them from other companies and mark them up. Done buying from them. I was worried about how cheap yours were but after reading that you manufacture them yourselves i tried some. Great bullet and great accuracy. Have you ever considered making a 308 bullet?

  8. Trey Baker (verified owner)

    Found out about you guys from a person i was shooting against at a 3 gun tournament in Utah. Holy crap he wasnt lying. Best damn bullets I’ve ever loaded. Top tier quality. Better than most of the match grade stuff I’ve shot. Please start making a 69 also. Keep rockin these bad boys out!

  9. Rick Reno NV (verified owner)

    I received some of these bullets from a friend to try out. Loaded them behind reloader 15 and tac powder. The best shot groups I’ve ever gotten with 55 grain bullets. Just ordered a bunch more. I would highly recommend these to anyone. Made in America also. Gotta love that!

  10. Kim Janney Texas (verified owner)

    Wow. The reviews were right. These are by far the best 55gr bullets ive ever shot. Excellent accuracy,easy to load,very consistent. I will recommended them to everyone in my club. I wish you guys would make a heavier bullet also.

  11. Cory Benson GA (verified owner)

    I saw your ad in the dillon blue press. I was jacked to see your bullets are made in America. That was enough for me to give them a try. I buy American made every chance i get. When the bullets showed up i could see that your company cares about the bullets you make. They are very nice looking bullets. I weighed about 75 and every one was exactly tge same weight. Impressed! Ive used just about every bullet on the market and every one of them had weight fluctuations. Not yours. The light boat tail makes loading them a breeze. Now for the best part…..These are the most accurate non match grade bullet ive ever shot. Im using a white oak armament 20″ varmint upper with 1 to 8 twist. 5 shot groups at 100 yards were 1 ragged hole! Couldnt ask for better. I used hornady brass,small magnum primers and tac powder for the perfect load. Needless to say you have a new customer for life. The thing im most impressed with is the fact that these are made in America. It’s awesome to see a small company like yours making such a kick butt product in the US. I know there are slightly cheaper bullets out there but they suck for accuracy and they’re coming out of the phillipines or china. I’ll keep my money in the good ole USA, Thanks!

  12. Kurt Haworth AZ (verified owner)

    Fast shipping,great price,accurate bullets! Will buy again.

  13. Isaac Stuart Boise Idaho (verified owner)

    Ordered on Monday and got them wednesday morning. Great looking bullets. Packed well. Weights are great. Went to the range with 100 to test. Amazingly accurate. I had read the reviews and though maybe they just posted the good ones. Now im a believer. Will order again.

  14. Chris Price Longmont CO (verified owner)

    Just got back from the range. This is my first time buying from you. I cant tell you how impressed i am. Very accurate. Fantastic finish. I dont know how you can sell them this cheap but im not complaining. Best price ive found and for quality like this i would gladly pay more. Just emailed 4 of my buddies and sent them a link to your site. Happy customer!

  15. Justin Redding, CA (verified owner)

    First tim buyer. Very impressed with the quality. I can tell your a smaller shop because you care about what your makin and it shows in your bullets. Top that off with the fact you use American copper and lead which i know personally costs way more( im an hvac contractor) Im impressed and proud to be buying from a company that still manufactures in America. I was getting my 223 projectiles from a big name company that everybody has probably heard of. My last order the bullets were totally different. When i called the company and asked why they were different they told me that they were getting them from a different supplier. The bullets looked good but shot like crap. After some research i found out they come from the phillipines and this compoany says their bullets are American made. Bull$#@……..There 223’s are made in the phillipines so they could make more money selling a crappy bullet. So thanks to you guys for choosing to be truly American and make a kick butt bullet right here in the US. Oh and your bullets are cheaper than their crappy imports.

  16. Pete Umatilla FL (verified owner)

    Got my first order from you guys this past Saturday. Saw your ad in the dillon blue press and ordered a 1000. Went to the range yesterday and I’m very very happy with my results. Using a WOA 20″ varmint upper I was able to get 1″ 3 shot groups at 300 yards. Best I’ve ever gotten from the version 2 bullets I used to buy from another company was 3″ at 300 yards. I like the fact that you guys actually make the bullets too. You’re not just selling other peoples stuff. Better price than I waspaying too. Just placed my second order. Thanks guys! Are you going to make any 69 grain bullets?

  17. Olin Coles (verified owner)

    I shoot 55gn M193 ammunition in my short-range tactical matches. It offers excellent velocity, but the bullets other brands use are blunt and often inconsistent. The .223 Bulk Bullets product is far better, with sharper point and only 0.1 grain difference among a sample of 20 bullets. While all of this is great, what I like most is how smoothly they seat into the case. Perfect neck tension ever time!

  18. Garett S. South Dakota (verified owner)

    Just shot 125 rounds from my first order with you guys. Saw your ad in my blue press magazine. Great bullets,great accuracy,fast shipping. Happy customer. Will be ordering more.

  19. Frank Cuddy, GA (verified owner)

    I’ve loaded over a dozen different brands of 55 grainers. Yours are match grade for plinker price. Love em! American made too! Stocking up before the election. Molon Labe

  20. Stuart Cross Reno NV (verified owner)

    At $.08 a piece they are unbelievably cheap for the quality. I heard about you from a friend at a local shoot. I will recommend these to all the people I know who shoot.

  21. JB Gadsden Alabama (verified owner)

    These are the best damn bullets money can buy. They’re made in America not some damn foreign country either. Happy to have found your bullets after years of shooting crap that cost more money. This country needs more companies like yours making quality products. Damn proud to be shooting a kickass American made bullet! Bet yer ass I’ll be spreading the word about you guys

  22. Pete (verified owner)

    Been buying Version 2 bullets from another company. There suposedly the best ones they sell. Yours are better and cheaper. Yours are priced right. They’re a more acurate bullet also. Thanks

  23. Jake-Atlanta GA. (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered 3 times so far. These bullets can’t be beaten for the price. Truly match grade accuracy for a plinker price. I was told about your bullets from a buddy who loads and I’ve been very happy with them. Very consistent and fast shipping. I’ll continue to buy from you and I would highly recommend these to everyone.

  24. Byron (verified owner)

    I am impressed with the quality of your projectiles and the incredible turn around time on my order, three days from order to at-my-door. I will post another review after shooting a few hundred rounds. Thank you for your incredibly priced product and superb customer service.

  25. Charlie from Utah (verified owner)

    Long time buyer first time reviewer. Had an issue with placing my last order. Turns out I was doing something wrong. Called your customer service number and the lady that answered was awesome. Totally friendly,very professional and courteous. Hard to find customer service like that anymore. I’m a competitive shooter and I’ve loaded and shot everything on the market. Your 55 grain 223 bullets are as good as any high dollar match grade bullet I’ve ever shot. Best part is they’re priced cheaper than much more inferior bullets for sale elsewhere. Excellent product and wonderful customer service= lifetime customer. Thanks again!

  26. Gene Sheppard AZ (verified owner)

    I agree with the majority of your reviews.These are a superior bullet at plinker prices. I will buy again. Thank you

  27. Jaden Caldwell ID (verified owner)

    Most consistent and accurate bullet I’ve ever loaded. Been loading for 11 years and I’ve tried many different bullets. These are proven performers. Highly recommend them for anyone who loads for accuracy.

  28. Craig Boller Carson Nevada (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about these guys. Fantastic company and wonderful people to do business with. The bullets are absolutely hands down the best on the market and they are cheaper on top of that. Will only buy from you guys. Thanks for all the support.

  29. Kip H Houston TX (verified owner)

    I placed my order this Monday and got them yesterday! Packaged very nicely. Loaded about 5 different loads last night. They loaded great. Very nice boat tail on the bullets. Very nice shiny finish on them as well. I cant wait to get to the range. Just ordered a couple thousand more to beat the rush that I’m sure is coming! I’ll let you know how they perform.

  30. Zeek (verified owner)

    Price is right. Better than hornady and wolf for sure. Great bullet tips for reloading. Wish you made a 62 grain also……..

  31. Kevin Ft. Benning (verified owner)

    Retired US Army range master. I have a lot of experience when it comes to AR and M16 ammo. I’ve been loading for 22 years. I came accross your ad in last months Dillon catalog. Ordered a1000 to try and I am majorly impressed. You are making what is usually a plinking round into a match grade bullet. I have a 700 yard range that i shoot at frequently. Using your bullet and a Danial Defense V11 I can stay on an 11×18 silhouette all day long at 700 yards. The same can be done on a 10″ gong at 600 yards. Kudos to the person making these. Im ecstatic with the accuracy. Ive tried every bullet on the planet and None can repeat this accuracy as yours have. The best loads ive found are with AR Comp powder and cci magnum primers. Can’t wait for my next order to arrive. Really like tge fact that you only use American sourced materials also. Ive told and will continue to tell people about your 55’s.

  32. Curtis (verified owner)

    Just got back from the range. Holy Cow!!!!! I wa pushing these out to 600 yards and consistently hitting a 12×20 silhouette. Unbelievable!!!! First time customer but I have definitely found my new bullet maker. Awesome awesome awesome bullets guys! Gonna order more payday.

  33. Steve from Montana (verified owner)

    My 1 in 8 twist AR loves these bullets. They are dead on at 350 yards. They start to open up a bit past that. Still get pie plate size groups at 450-500 yards. Good enough for coyotes at that distance. These are the most accurate bullet ive used. Especially at this price. 8.5 cents a piece delivered.Cant be beat for that price. Ive found cheaper ones but they suck ass compared to these.

  34. paul johnson (verified owner)

    Left one reveiw and thought I would share this with your other patrons. I loaded up 1000 rds for a friend and had a a couple hundred extra left over so I took them to the police range (i’m ret’d) along with my mini-14 and a gun rest. I loaded a 30 rd mag and secured the rifle in the rest with straps all 30 rds of the reloads with your 55 gr bullet went into the same hole. a ragged hole I grant you but one hole nevertheless. extremely accurate and well made bullets – great job guys ! ! ! !

  35. paul johnson (verified owner)

    I have been reloading for approx. 35 years. this encompasses all manner pistol and rifle calibers. I possess two (2) mini- 14 s in .223. neither of which is scoped. Just peep sights. These rifles , using your 55 gr FMJs are able to cut standard playing cards edge ways. My son does this on a regular basis from about 35 or 40 yards in a standing position. My reloads are good but a large part of the credit goes to your bullets. Fantastic accuracy at a modest price- keep up the excellent work- these bullets are fantastic.

  36. Ted Burnett TX (verified owner)

    Had an issue with my order that was completely my fault. Called up and it was corrected immediately. You don’t see that kind of customer service anymore. Very refreshing. Since I’m leaving this review I will also say that your bullets are extremely accurate. I have been shooting 55 grain VMAX from hornady for $145.00 per 1000 and your bullets for almost half the cost are as accurate if not more accurate. Extremely happy to have found you guys. Thanks for taking pride in producing an affordable superior bullet.

  37. John R. (verified owner)

    I used to buy two types of bullets. One for plinking and one for precision. Since using these bullets and getting them at the best price around, I now use 223 Bulk Bullets for both. My favorite part is going shooting with my buddies and seeing their reaction when I burn round after round just plinking for fun and then shoot excellent groups without swapping-out ammo. They always ask, “How can you shoot such tight groups with practice ammo?” That’s when I let them in on 223 Bulk Bullets. Plus there is a lot to be said for buying an American product and receiving awesome, no BS, customer service. These guys really have their **** together.

  38. Kirby (verified owner)

    Great bullets. First time buyer. I’ll buy again for sure.

  39. Jake (verified owner)

    I have purchased bullets from several other sellers and none match the consistency of yours. The weight is consistent, the bullet lengths are consistent and the ogives are consistent. I’m in the process of using up bullets that I purchased in bulk that were supposed to be good according to the ratings but they are junk compared to yours. On a 62 gr bullet I am lucky to get two bullets that weigh and measure the same. Because of the inconsistency no two bullets load with COAL the same. 223bulkbullets will be my go to for .223 from here on out. Thank you for a very good product.

  40. Sarge (verified owner)

    Been loadin Hornady Varmageddons for the longest time. Tried some of your 5.56 55 grain bullets and I love em! Went prairie doggin with some buddies on short notice and didn’t have any Varmageddons loaded but I had 300 of yours ready to go so I took them instead. Damn if these things aren’t more accurate than those damned Varmageddons that I’ve been paying 180 dollars per 1000 for. You guys got my business from now on for all my bullets. I dropped one dog at about 350 yards with your bullet. I’m sold!!!!

  41. Chad Potter (verified owner)

    You guys make the best damn 55 grain FMJBT on the planet! Period!!!

  42. Carl Redding Ca (verified owner)

    I saw your ad in the Blue Press from Dillon and ordered a 1000 pack of your 55 grain fmjbt bullets on Tuesday and had them in my hands on Thursday! Unbelievably fast. The best part though is how darn accurate your bullets are. I loaded them with AR Comp and Tac powder and through my 20″ upper on my AR I got some of the best groups of my life. These are truly Match grade bullets for a dirt cheap price(pardon the dirt cheap expression but they are compared to other bullets I’ve used) I’m your new best customer!!! I absolutely LOVE these bullets. If anybody is reading this and debating on buying some to try out just do it! You’ll be very happy you did. Thanks guys!!!!! Just received my second much larger order. Got to convince my wife to let me but an extremely large order because of the upcoming election and the fact that I live behind enemy lines in California.

  43. Joey (verified owner)

    I ordered these on my Honeymoon, and had them in my mailbox when I got back. Loaded 100 rounds, and got the best groups than any other store bought brand I’ve tried! You are now my #1 for bullets!

  44. Chris (verified owner)

    Great bullets. Great customer service. These are easy to load. Use with cf223 for a fine straight shooting bullet. I only use these now. Nothing else

  45. Joe Ft Benning Georgia (verified owner)

    These 55’s are the best fmj’s I’ve ever used. Ive tried tons of other bullets and yours out perform them all and the price is great. Told a bunch of people about you guys. Thanks!

  46. Jackalope (verified owner)

    Incredible service and great bullets! Product arrived two days after I placed the order. I will certainly be a repeat customer and recommend 223 Bulk Bullets to my shooting buddies.

  47. Jim Prendible (verified owner)

    Just received my second order from this top notch company. Excellent product and phenomenal customer service… All at an unbeatable price. I ordered on a Friday and received my package on Monday. I’d give them 10 stars if I could.

  48. Jay Jarcik (verified owner)

    I’ll start by saying I NEVER write reviews. These deserve it though. These bullets are the best I’ve ever loaded and shot. I am OCD when it comes to reloading and spend a lot of time on case prep. Using your bullets I have achieved the best results out of the 3 rifles I use these in. The weights are all exactly the same. The concentricity is superb and the results are Amazing. I’m hitting golf balls at 375 yards! Try that with a wolf bullet. I think not. LOL Keep making a superb bullet and I will be a loyal customer forever!

  49. Yang (verified owner)

    Placed my order and called them right after I recieved confirmation of purchase. My brother sent me the link to their website and I was a bit skeptical about this site because all the reviews were, well phenomenal and sounds too good to be true. Well these guys are the real deal, excellent service and product arrived as expected

  50. Brad Cooley, Utah (verified owner)

    These bullets are simply the best available and kick ass! I’ve told everyone I know that reloads about Bobs’ bullets. Always shipped fast and the quality is top notch and consistent as hell. Keep doin what you do guys!!!

  51. Jon (verified owner)

    I’ve gotten many orders from these guys and used others and these bullets are the best and fit better than the rest and I’m reloading with a Dillon 1050

  52. Butch (verified owner)

    Ordered my 1000 223 bullets came 3 days later in mail box great looking/shooting bullets and great price I will be ordering more very soon

  53. Ronald Goodman Yuma AZ (verified owner)

    A friend told me about your bullets. He went on and on about them so I ordered a 1000 pack. Got them in 2 days. Wow. First off they were packed very nicely. Bullets look great. Very nice finish on them. The base has a nice roll where the copper meets the lead. Competitors bullets I’ve used are nowhere near as nice. Now the important stuff….. how they shoot. Unbelievaby accurate. Not sure what makes them so accurate but the best shooting I’ve ever done with 2 different rifles. Im hooked. Thanks guys!

  54. Charlie (verified owner)

    Merry Christmas 223bulkbullets.com Had to give a shout out to the best bullets maker in America. Long time loyal customer. I tried your bullets the first time about 2 years ago and I’ve been singing their praises ever since then. Always extremely consistent and very accurate. Cant be touched for the price and you haven’t ever raised the price. Love em!

  55. Santa (verified owner)

    These are some good bullets, also lightning fast shipping compared to other reloading sites

  56. Brandon ,FL (verified owner)

    I have found my new bullet maker. I’ve seen these bullets advertised in the Dillon Blue Press and I’ve seen several discussions on Facebook about these bullets. I had a few thousand bullets from another company here in Florida to finish off before I ordered some of these. First let me just say I wish I had bought your bullets sooner. They are Excellently made bullets. Finish is great. Dimensions are great. Concentricity are Superior to Any and I mean Any bullet I’ve ever used. Even 240 dollar per 1000 match grade bullets. These are better. This company knows what they are doing when it comes to a 55 grain projectile. No skimping on quality or materials. I dissected a few on my machinists lathe and the wall thickness is precise. Now I know thats above and beyond what most reloaders will check but I’m OCD about reloading. I can honestly say I would gladly pay a lot more for this quality of bullet( but I’m glad they’re so damn cheap) I’ve posted your website on my shooting clubs website and will continue to tell shooters about your projectiles. Refreshing as hell to have found an American built bullet from a company that cares about what they produce. I wish you continued success in your business and anxiously await for you to make a 30 cal projectile.

  57. Drake LBC (verified owner)

    I doubted all the stellar reviews but I ordered anyway. I was wrong. These bullets are kick ass. Don’t mess around just order a couple thousand and youll be happy you did. Got mine in 3 days also.

  58. mike russell (verified owner)

    great bullets good price and very fast shipping 2nd order you guys have a very happy customer two thumbs up and a 5 star rating!

  59. Johnny Walsh (verified owner)

    These are some damn fine bullets for reloading. Plinking price but the quality far exceeds a plinking bullet. Very happy my buddy told me about you guys. I owe him a few beers now.

  60. J from Ohio (verified owner)

    Well I saw your ad a few months back in my blue press and was going to order some 55’s to try out but I forgot. I saw your ad again last issue so I ordered a 1000 pack for 85 dollars delivered( had been paying 109 at another online retailer )I’m in Ohio and I got my order in 3 days. Bullets looked great and in very professional packaging. I did some reading on your website and was pleased to fnd that you are the actual manufacturer of these bullets. That explans why you’re 24 dollars per 1000 cheaper than the last company I bought from. That company seems to buy bullets from whoever they can get them from and resells them at a markup. They are also very inconsistent because I’ve bought the same” version” of bullet a few times and they were different each time. Sometimes the bases were diff and the canelure were at diff heights.They did ship fast but in a taped up ziploc style bag that was sometimes busted open with bullets spilling out inside the packaging. I’m glad Ifound a bullet maker who builds an excellent bullet at about 25% less than the other middle men sellers on the market. You have earned my business and my respect for a accurate bullet. They shoot sub moa in all 3 of my guns. I found my most accurate loads were at 3000fps. Shot a couple 1/4 groups at 100 yards. Not bad for 68 year old retired Marine.

  61. Keith (verified owner)

    Just got tagged in a facebook post on your bullets and I’ve been using them for almost 2 years so I decided to leave a review. Probably should have done it sooner. These bullets are the best on the market hands down. Love them!!! Accuracy cant be beaten and the price is great. Won’t load anyone elses product.

  62. Grayson Cotati CA (verified owner)

    I called the shop a little upset I had not received my order in 2 weeks and the guy I spoke with named Dave I think was completely helpful and courteous. Turns out I never placed my order…..der…I forgot to hit process payment at the end of my order. Well I placed my order over the phone and I just got the bullets this week. Great bullets and I mean great! The weights are perfect. I went to the range today and they shoot awesome. I was extremely impressed with the performance. Thanks again for the great customer service and great bullets. You have a new loyal customer from now on.

  63. Mickey Colgan (verified owner)

    I was absolutely amazed at how fast these arrived at my house. The quality and price are unbeatable as well!!!

  64. Rick Turvey (verified owner)

    the order arrived in 3 days! they fly very well. good group at 100

  65. John Rock (verified owner)

    Hi Bob: I just wanted to share this with you,I ordered your .223 bullets last week and was skeptical about just how accurate your bullets could be at such an economical price point but my philosophy is nothing ventured nothing gained so I gave it a go. Well here’s the results of my first experience with your bullets. WOW I think the picture ( sorry can’t post pic.) tells the story….. there are 23 shots at 50 yds with a 14 +/- mph cross wind they fit well within a dime size hole. I’m sold!!!! You will have a very satisfied new customer plus I’ll be passing along my new find with all the guys at the range. Thanks Bob John Rock

  66. Scott Wisen (verified owner)

    Just got my first 1000 bullets. Great bullets. Fast shipping. Nice packaging. Best of all they shoot fantastic! I will definately be buying many more from you.

  67. Michael Schaefer (verified owner)

    Ordered 1000 55gr .224 bullets. After loading and shooting 500 rounds the results were amazing. Sub moa every time. Fast shipping. What is not to like. And cheaper than most to boot. Order now you wont be sorry.

  68. Rick Daughty, Redding Ca (verified owner)

    I ordered a 1000 pack after I read a review from a fellow shooter on facebook. I wasn’t expecting anything more than just a standard plinking bullet for the price. Wow was I pleasantly surprised………….These bullets are superior in every way to anything I’ve ever loaded in a 55 gr fmj. The average 3 shot group at 100 yards was .63″ and some were as small as .40″ Wow…Under a half inch for 85 bucks a 1000. I’m impressed fellas. Great bullets, great price, fast shipping. I’ve found my go to bullet maker. Thanks!

  69. K Penney Northern CA (verified owner)

    Good bullets! Fast Delivery! Half inch groups with the 55gr fmj @75 yards. I’m a bit out of practice,but I bet that I can ” one hole” them at this distance.

  70. RJ Atlanta (verified owner)

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents. These bullets are the best I’ve ever used. Just like most of the reviews I read before buying, they are extremely consistent. Weights are Perfect. Concentricity is perfect. Finish is perfect. Grouping at 100 yards is the best I’ve ever been able to achieve. I have had several 3 shot groups that are 1 ragged hole. Very impressive company and products. I’m sold on 223bulkbullets.com! Give these bullets a try and you’ll see for yourself. They can’t be beat!

  71. JT (verified owner)

    Just got my first order of 1000 of the 55 fmj’s and they look Awesome. Weighed a bunch and theyre all perfect. Gonna load some this weekend and try em out. Very happy with the bullets. Thanks

  72. Robert, Redding CA (verified owner)

    First time customer who will be buying your bullets all the time from here on out. Got my bullets in 2 days. Went to the range yesterday and I’m amazed at how well I shot. No flyers like i used to have with another companies bullets. I always thought it was me but I’ve discovered it was the other guys bullets that caused it. Love the consitency with your bullets! They have made me a better marksman.

  73. Todd, Vegas (verified owner)

    These are some Bad AssBullets!!! They shoot great groups out of all 3 of my AR’s. Just ordered more. You guys need to make a 30 cal plated bullet.

  74. Clarence (verified owner)

    I was skeptical when I read the reviews. I was wrong. Great bullet….Period

  75. Stan K. Crestview FL (verified owner)

    I imagined a mediocre bullet at thisprice. I was very happy to be wrong. Excellent bullet for the money. I will buy more

  76. Steve mac (verified owner)

    I just got done with my trial loads and found this bullet with h335, cfe2323 and w748 out of my colt with a 1/7 twist loaded at the lower end shot under 1 moa at 100 yards, in fact cfe223 3/4 groups! Wow I am very happy, looking fwd to getting many more rounds down range, thanks so much

  77. Carl

    Best bullets I’ve ever loaded. Accuracy is amazing. I’ve recommended them to all my reloading buddies.

  78. Michael H.

    I’ve been using these 223s for 4 years. Won a 500 pack at a 3 gun shoot they were sponsoring. Been using and loving them ever since. I can consistently hit clays at 350 yards if I do my part. These projectiles should cost a lot more for the quality and accuracy. They shoot the best groups of any projectile under 150 bucks a thousand. Love that they’re made in America!!!

  79. Impressed

    I bought these several months ago and finally tried them recently. Using 25.0 grains of Benchmark for a starting load I was able to get a 9/16″ 7 shot group at 100 yds.
    I was quite impressed and I will stay with that as it’s good enough for me.
    For the price I don’t think you can do better!

  80. Rob Blake (verified owner)

    This is my go to. Great price for a great product

  81. thatoneguy1312 (verified owner)

    At this price, even if they’re just ok, they’ll definitely be worth the money. But what really impressed me was that when I ordered them they had a tracking number in my email within 10 minuets and a personal response to my request in the description. These guys rock!

  82. John Janis (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Very consistent and accurate. Just ordered more and will continue to order in the future.

  83. Ryan T (verified owner)

    I’ve loaded thousands of Bob’s bullets over the years. They are, and always have been fantastic in terms of consistency and accuracy. They are a step above another popular manufacturer’s bulk 55gr FMJ-BT bullets, while still remaining to be a good value. Will continue to be a loyal customer for as long as Bob keeps making bullets!

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