.223 Rem 55 Gn FMJ Bullets – 5000 Count

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Bulk .223 Remington 55-grain FMJBT Bullets with Cannelure.
Projectile bullet reloading components – not loaded ammunition.
Quantity: 5000 Bullets. Reloader’s Bulk Pack with FREE SHIPPING!

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Perfect for high-volume ammo reloaders, Bobs’ Bullets offers the best value for bulk-packaged 5000 count .223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ Bullets with Cannelure. These .224″ diameter reloading projectiles are ideal for building cartridges in .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO for AR-15 target rifles. These bullet components – not loaded ammunition.

About our .223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ Bullets

Bobs’ Bullets produces only the finest quality match-grade bulk .223 bullet reloading supplies for demanding target shooters and competitive marksmen. You will not find a more superior bulk reloading bullet at this price anywhere. All Bobs’ Bullets reloading components are manufactured right here in the United States, by experienced shooting enthusiasts who know what it takes to engineer an extremely consistent projectile.

The precision and forethought that goes into our manufacturing process gives Bobs’ Bulk 223 Bullets the very best accuracy available on the reloading market. Our .223 Rem FMJ bullet design maximizes accuracy and speed. While the quality of our bullets is truly match grade, our bulk pricing means more bang for your buck. When you order online from Bobs’ Bullets, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. There’s no middle-man to add markup, which means YOU PAY LESS.

We’re proud of the high-quality, American-made reloading bullets we manufacture. The craftsmanship of our .223 bulk bullets is most reflected by our loyal customers: we have a 95% re-order rate. See for yourself what our happy customers are saying about Bobs’ Bullets bulk .223 reloading projectiles:

Our online store stocks .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO bulk bullets for ammo reloaders in quantities of 250, 500, 1000, 5000 and beyond. No order is ever too big! We also manufacture a full line of lead cast bullets in 9mm, .38 cal, .40 cal, .44 cal, and .45 calibers. Visit our bullet shop page for the entire Bobs’ Bullets product line.

Projectile Specifications:

Bobs’ Bullets bulk .223 Remington FMJBT w/Cannelure
Diameter: .224 Inches
Weight: 55.3 Grains (typical)
Sectional Density: .1575
Ballistic Coefficients (G1):
.305 @ 3200 FPS and above
.270 @ 3100-2700 FPS
.245 @ 2600 FPS and below

⚠️ WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

12 reviews for .223 Rem 55 Gn FMJ Bullets – 5000 Count

  1. Brent Cooley-Anchorage AK (verified owner)

    I love that you guys now offer a 5000 round bulk pack. You can’t beat your price and the quality is amazing. So glad I found a company like yours to buy from. Your bullets are superb and the customer service is great. Thanks for the help on my last order, Brent

  2. Zeek Redding Ca. (verified owner)

    Wish I had known about your bullets years ago. I’ve ordered your 5000 bulk pack twice now and the bullets are just plain superior to anything on the market. The shipping is fast and free. Best deal I’ve ever found. I’m bulking up with all the bullcrap going on right now about possible bans that might be coming up. Support the NRA!!!

  3. JT Boulder CO (verified owner)

    Read about you guys in a reloading forum and ordered your 1000 pack. Placed my order on tuesday and received my bullets Thursday. Nice! I made up a few different loads with AR Comp. Found that my rifle preferred 25.3 grains with cci small rifle primers. Got a consistent 3/4″ 3 shot group at 100 yards with this load. Just ordered your 5000 pack. Great deal! Very very happy with your bullets.

  4. Burt ‘Merica (verified owner)

    As a very happy long time buyer I was glad to see you have finally added a 5000 round bulk pack. Any chance of a 10000 bulk pack for a little more savings? Let me know if you decide to add one on. Very happy with your bullets for years now. Keep it up guys. We might not be able to buy bullets if hillary wins.

  5. Jake (verified owner)

    Found out about you guys through a friend. Ordered 1000 pack to try them out. Got better results with your bullets than some of the match grade loaded ammo I have shot. Even my mini 14 grouped well and I thought that gun was a 3″ grouper at 100yds at best. it shoots 1.5″ groups with your bulets. I’m a believer now. Just ordered a 5000 bulk pack. Time to start preppin brass. Will continue to buy from you! Anyone who’s thinking about ordering from you guys should just do it. You’ll be happy u did.

  6. Kelly Park (verified owner)

    This was my first time buying. Someone at Dillon Precision recommended your bullets. He said he’s been using them for years. I ordered the 500 pack and loaded up about three different loads. Finally got to the range and they ran great. Seems like they are more accurate going faster than slower. I found a load at about 3050fps that were very impressively grouped. Five shot group covered up with a dime. Can’t even do that with factory match grade ammo from any company, at least not with my rifle. Needless to say I was impressed. I’m currently waiting for my 5000 bulk pack I ordered yesterday. Can’t wait.

  7. Curtis T. (verified owner)

    First time buyer. Best bullets I’ve loaded. Saw your ad in dillons reloading catalog. I was wondering if they would be any good because theyre much cheaper than what I’ve been using. Boy am i glad i tried them. They group great. Shot some out as fwr as 450 yards at a propane tank and they were dead accurate every shot. Managed a half inch 3 shot group at 100 yards. Just ordered your 5k pack to get the best price. Happy i tried you guys out.

  8. Steven Howitz (verified owner)

    First purchase review. Got my bullets in 3 days. Great looking bullets. Weighed about 30 and all of them were the same…Wow. Loaded them with my usual load for 55’s and had to pinch myself to make sure I was really seeing what I was shooting. I shot a best ever .63″ 5 shot group at 100 yards. Unbelievable groups all day. I didnt think my rifle or my ability had it in me. I guess a great bullet helps. Over the moon happy with your bullets. Just ordered your 5000 bulk pack. Can’t wait to get them. Thanks

  9. Brit Knowles Boise ID (verified owner)

    Just got back from the range and I had to write this review. I bought 10k of these to just stock up on what i figured were economy bullets. Boy was I wrong! First off I have to say these are some of the best looking bullets I’ve seen. Shipping was fast and everything showed up packed well. I loaded 1000 rounds using H335. I run them at about 2900 fps. My first 10 shot group at 100 yards was very impressive(3/4″) I made a few adjustments and was shooting half inch groups the rest of the day. I’m sold on your bullets to say the least. I will ordering another 10k on payday.

  10. Mirando Ketner (verified owner)

    I found Bob’s bullets while surfing google looking for 223 bullets and thought I would give them a try. I am so glad I did. These projectiles load super easy and are very accurate out of my AR. Bob’s has become my only bullet supplier.

  11. Ronnie (verified owner)

    I saw your ad in the Dillon Blue Press magazine last month. I ordered your 250 pack of 223 projectiles. Well the weather finally allowed me to go shoot some test loads. I must say how impressed I am with your bullet heads. They have a super nice finish on them which made loading nice and smooth. Weights were all dead accurate. Very impressed by everything. I was able to get 2 groups of 5 shots at .57 on an inch. The best I’ve ever gotten from my rifle. This is for anyone on the fence about ordering. Do yourself a favor and order these bullets. Just placed a 5000 bulk order which makes the bullets less than $.08 a piece deliverd. Love that. Very happy customer. Glad I’ve found my new 223 bullet source!

  12. Daryl (verified owner)

    Let me start off by saying I have never heard of you guys before and was skeptical because of how well priced your bullets were. I thought maybe they were pulled surplus bullets or factory seconds from a major manufacturer. After reading your site I realized that you are the actual manufacturer and a smaller shop that has lower overhead and thus the excellent price. Now to the bullets…….what can i say except Wow! Fantastic looking bullet with a light cannelure which I’m sure helps tremendously with the accuracy. The boat tail is shorter than most other fmj’s I’ve loaded but still allows for easy loading. The finish is jewelry like. The base is very nicely blended from the copper to the lead. This is one impressive looking projectile but do they perform? Well after putting about 250 down range I can attest to the amazing accuracy as well. When you put this much care and calculation into making a bullet you end up with a product like this. I just discovered you have a “5000 bulk pack” for 385 delivered which brings the cost down to less than .08 cents a bullet. That’s an awesome price. Please keep up the good work. I also Love the fact that you’re an American company that uses only American materials. Makes me feel good to know my money is supporting a truly great American company. Thanks guys!

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