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by Andrew on .223BulkBullets
Great attentive company

I have not had a chance to hand load and shoot any of these bullets, but they were extremely prompt in delivery and seem attentive to their customers. I have no doubt that customer service is a big part of their business model.

Thanks Andrew! We strive to make the best 100% American made 55gr FMJ on the market and take great pride in our customers satisfaction!
We sincerely appreciate your patronage.

by Dean Elder on .223BulkBullets
Johnny's Reloading Bench

I first learned about this bullet from a You-Tube channel. He brought me back to Square one from what my cousin taught me. I managed to get a group of 3/8" at 100 yards with CFE223 26.1 grains then it also started to tighten back up with a higher charge .1 or . 2 grains more and it would have repeated. But that's hotter than I wanted for the gun. Too much wear & tear on it.

by Josh Dalton on .223BulkBullets
Great Bullets and Fast Shipping!

I bought the .223 55gr bulk pack and love them. Tight groups and fast shipping with great customer service! Thanks guys!

by Dave on .223BulkBullets

Just received my .223 55 gr bulk bullet order. Quality goods. Will be buying again

by Rachel on .223BulkBullets

Ive bought lots of there bullets for my husband. He loves them. They are the only bullets he will reload ar 15 ammo with!

by R. Horst on .223BulkBullets
Non Cannelure

Great value, great bullets in my CZ527 223, consistent single hole five shot groups with 10X, X322, Benchmark powders. Still working with my 22-250's slower 14-1 twist may be the issue. Will be back for another 1000 shortly. Thanks for the quality product.

by Stephen on .223BulkBullets

I was surprised by the accuracy of the 55-grain bullets. I worked up several loads with different powders and found CFE 223 works best in my gun, 1-8 twist 16-inch barrel. I shot right at one inch at 100 yards that day. To be sure it wasn't a fluke, I loaded up some more with CFE 223 and three five-round groups with an average of 1.2 inches. That's the best I ever shot with my AR and I am looking forward to shooting more. I tried many different brands of bullets and 223bulkbullets are the best I ever used.

by Ken on .223BulkBullets
223 55fmj

Excellent value

by Gary Boden on .223BulkBullets
55 gr. fmj non cannelure

Second purchase of 1000 55 gr. fmj non cannelure bullets, measure .224 dia. not up to .001 under like many others. Fast free delivery again a great price for this bullet style. Slight taper heel makes easy starting without tipping if loading by hand. Thank you for a great product.

by Mike Badami on .223BulkBullets
Top Qaulity

Spent a Friday sorting and prepping some range brass then loaded up 300 rounds of 55gr FMJ with 23-25gr of H335 and I just got back from the range and will be ordering another 1000 to go with the 700 that are left. Thanks for making a great product with the right price.

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