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223BBimage1Our customers know the level of quality they receive in products from Bobs’ Bulk .223 Bullets, and appreciate our friendly customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, read these testimonials for yourself!

Here are a few testimonials from the Bobs’ Bullets faithful. Feel welcome to leave a review of our products, letting us know about your own experience.

“Your bullets are excellent. Don’t usually write reviews but these are worthy of it. Very happy customer.” — Brett C.

“Got my order last week. Went to the range today with about 6 different loads. Super super freakin accurate bullets. All of the loads grouped well. Just ordered more. Called my buddy and told him to order from your site too.” — Kyle P.

“Not a big review writer but these are worthy of it. I’ve ordered several times and the quality and consistency are always top notch.” — Wayne J.

“These guys have the best bullets on the market hands down!!!! I’ve ordered from them several times and I’m always happy with the service and the bullets. I met them at last year’s shot show in Vegas and they’re great guys who make bullets better than all the big named competitors!” — Dave G.

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by Walter on .223BulkBullets
Best I have found at this price

great bullets,great price,American made,fast shipping. enough said!


Just watched your youtube video of your factory(Bob The Bullet Man). Very COOL!!! I originally saw you guys on johnnys reloading bench. He had some impressive groups with your bullets. I pulled the trigger and ordered a 1000 of them to try and I'm impressed. I'm getting sub 3/4" groups very consistently if I do my part correct. Just ordered more. Love the price and super fast shipping too. I had been using a version II bullet from one of your competitors but I noticed the bullets were always different. Turns out they don't make them they just buy them from whoever they can get them from. I'll be buying from you from now on. Any way you guys are going to start making a .30 cal bullet in 147 Grain??? Just a suggestion. Thank you

by Shaun R. on .223BulkBullets
Good product

Saw you on a youtube channel. Gave them a try and I like them. Shipping was very fast. I'm in North Dakota and I got my order in 3 days. Getting great accuracy in 3 diff guns with your 55. Will buy more and have told friends about you. Thanks

by Garret Silverman on .223BulkBullets
Pure excellence

Your bullets are pure excellence. Love that you're a smaller company because you still care about what you make and it shows. I have been using your 223s for a couple years but recently started loading pistol and your 38's and 45's are fantastic too. Absolutely zero leading in my barrels on 4 different guns. Just ordered some of your 9mm to try. Keep up the greet work you're doing.

by zach birch on .223BulkBullets
love the bullets

just placed my third order. im always impressed with the accuracy i get from your bullets.

by Trent D. on .223BulkBullets
Love your bullets

Just saw a review of your bullets on a guys reloading channel on youtube. Had to comment after watching his video. He's doing a review of different budget 55'ers and yours was one of them. Well here's my 2 cents because I've shot all the ones he's using and others too. The guy isn't testing bullets, he's testing how well he can shoot a bullet. If he was trying to compare the bullets he would be doing a LOT of things differently. First off he should know that shooting a string for accuracy with a magneto attached is ridiculous. You shoot a string with the magneto on and get your speeds and standard deviations then remove the magneto and shoot a string for accuracy.(not needed when using a chronograph because it's farther down range and doesn't affect the bullet like a magneto does when its a half inch from the end of the barrel and a 1/4 inch under it's flight path.) Secondly you don't shoot for accuracy with a can(suppressor) on your weapon. Third if you are truly testing the bullet,load,ammo etc you take yourself out of the equation.(there are many other things that should be done also,annealing the brass for even neck tension-probably why his standard deviation numbers are so horrible,uniform flash holes-size and location,weight sorting bullets.....and so on) You shoot from a rest with your rifle locked in and if possible you use a hydraulic trigger. In short, when you are shooting off of a bi-pod with a magneto and a suppressor you are in fact seeing how well you are able to shoot and NOT how well the bullet will perform. Unless you are the caliber of shooter that can shoot groups as consistently as a controlled test like I described before. I'm a retired Marine with 28 years of service and 6 of those were as a range master where I worked with the newest of soldiers to the most experienced snipers so I know a little about the subject. The guy with the youtube channel seems very nice but he needs to understand the difference between testing a product and testing his skills. All that being said my eyes aren't what they used to be but I'm able to shoot your 55 grain remington bullets 1/2" consistently through every one of my rifles with a 1:8 or 1:9 twist. My 1:7 open up to about an inch or just under. I love your bullets and will continue buying from as long as you're making them! Sorry for the rant but I needed to share.

by Barney Rickman Augusta GA on .223BulkBullets
great company

I just got off the phone with the owner Bob. Had to leave a review after talking to him today. I had a couple questions and he was more than helpful. I've been ordering from 223 bulk bullets for 4 years but never called to talk to anyone. Makes me happy to know I'm buying from such a great company with a very nice owner that answered my questions. Hell try to get anyone nowadays to even return a call much less the owner of that company talkin to you. Thanks for the help Bob. You've got a customer for life, Barney.

by Kirk H. on .223BulkBullets
Great bullets

First time customer. Received my order in 3 days. Bullets look great. Shot about 250 so far and I'm very happy. Just ordered more.

by Tyler Reed Pnama City FL on .223BulkBullets
Best bullet under $180 per 1000 ever made

Let me start by saying I'm not affiliated with this company but I wouldn't mind being sponsored if you guys ever put a team together or start sponsoring. I'm a competitive 3 gun shooter in the southeast region. I heard about you guys from another shooter I was competing against(he had nothing but good things to say about his experiences with your bullet). I was recently in need of some 55's so I bought a 1000 pack of your 55's. Initial impressions were great. Bullets look fantastic and weights were great too. I used a load I use for most 55's to get a feel for your bullets. Went up a half grain and down a half grain on about 50 rounds in each group also. What I found was your bullet performs best at 3000+ fps(true to the M193 style of the bullet) What I wasn't expecting was to get a bullet this accurate for 83 bucks a 1000 delivered! Damn! After some moderate tweaking with my crimp and overall length and a slight adjustment to my load I am now shooting your bullet consistently under 1/2" at 100 yards if I do my part. I am awestruck with the quality of your bullets. Other manufacturers better watch out as your name gets out there. You guys should think about advertising. I was lucky enough to find out about you through a fellow competitor. Rest assured I'll tell everyone I know about your bullets! And if you ever start sponsoring people I'd love to be one of them.

by Chris Burns TX on .223BulkBullets

I've heard about you guys through a few different reloading forums. I finally used up all my xtreme,and everglades 55 gr projectiles so I thought I'd see what the hype was about. I ordered a 500 pack on tuesday and had them in my hands friday! Not bad.......well I weighed 150 of them and they were all exactly 55.4 grains...Damn.....well I used a familiar load that I've used with several bullets(extrme,everglades,barnes,hornady etc) I run my bullets at 2.26 with h335 and winchester primers in date matched lake city brass trimmed to 1.75 I took 100 rounds to my local range and 2 of my regular AR's and a remington bolt action tactical heavy barrel rifle. Well I will say that your bullets out performed EVERYTHING I have ever loaded in a 55 gr weight. I am able to get better groups out of my bolt gun and one AR with 77 grain bullets but I am blown away at how well your projectiles perform. I achieved 1/2" groups with one of the AR's and my bolt gun and a respectable .63 with the other AR(It's always been more finicky) I am sure if I chrono some loads and tweak a few things I can expect 1/4" groups with you bullet! Needless to say I just ordered your 5000 pack for 385 bucks which makes your bullet 7.7 cents delivered....A freakin no brainer! I now know what all the web chatter I'd been hearing about you guys is about!!! Very refreshing to find a smaller company who prides itself on being American made and making a product that kicks the competitions ass for less money. You guys are Making America Great Again one bullet at a time...Ha ha Keep up the great work. You have a new customer for life!

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