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by Boyd Ronsen on .223BulkBullets
I believe the hype no

Read about you guys on on the subject of an accurate 55fmj. A lot of people recommended your company. I ordered a 250 pack to try so I would't get stuck with a bunch of shitty bullets in case they were wrong...ha Well I'm a believer now guys! These shoot better than my 55 grain ballistic tips that cost me 3 times as much. I just took advantage of your 5k pack which brings the price down to 7.7 cents a bullet. Not sure how you can make them for that but I'm not complaining. ha
I will spread the word now that I have become a disciple of the BOBS BULLETS NATION!!!

by Peter A on .223BulkBullets
Great bullets

Best 55 fmj I've found!

by Mike on .223BulkBullets

Just order my 2nd 1000 count would recommend

by scott russell on .223BulkBullets

bobs was recommended to me by a friend,,, so i gave them a try,,, i will be using the 223 bullets for practice rounds in my ARs and bolt guns,,,, i figured they would be at most decent bullets because of the price,,, now granted i just got them today but i gave them a good look over,,, they look as good or better then premium bullets from name brand companies,,,,, i was very impressed,,, the service was fantastic and very fast shipping,,,,, great job,, i now have a good supplier of jacket 223 practice bullets

by Tim Jeffries Tacoma WA on .223BulkBullets
Great company

Had an issue with my order and I emailed these guys. They got back to me in 10 minutes on a Sunday! Excellent bullets ,excellent price, even better company!
Oh and the issue with the order was my fault too...Put in the wrong street address. These guys are my go to bullet peple from here on out. Thanks Guys!

by Dirty Harry on .223BulkBullets
Best ive found

Flat out best 55 grain bullet I've ever found

by Hershel S on .223BulkBullets
Should cost way more

Been loadin a long time. Used to use the big name 55ers. Not anymore buddy. You guys could be charging a lot more for your bullets but I'm glad you dont. Bought the 5000 pack a few months back. Weighed a bunch when I first got them and was very impressed. Weights are spot on. Never seen that in a bullet in this price range before. Went out smackin squirrels this weekend and used up the last of the other guys 55s and had a few hundred of yours loaded to try out. Let me just put it this way, the squirrels really wish I was just shooting the other guys bullets and not yours.HA I was smacking them at 300+ yards with your bullet. My buddy with his 22-250 wasnt having that good of accuracy. So I just ordered another 5000 pack before you guys wise up and raise your price big time. Keep doin what yer doin guys. Appreciate the hell out of the quality bullets!

by Brady on .223BulkBullets
very impressed

Discovered your company from a fellow shooter at my local range. He said you were his goto 223/5.56 bullets for the last 6 years. I ordered a 250 pack to try them out, now i'm kicking myself for not getting the 1000 pack. Live and learn I guess. I've tred several different bullets in the last 2 years since I started reloading and I have to say I have now found my goto 5.56 bullet. I wish you made a 77 grainer too!

by Chucktron on .223BulkBullets
American Quality

Heard about you from a prepper buddy of mine who is a retired marine sniper. Said your bullets were more accurate than anything he's seen nin his 40+ years of reloading and shooting. That was good enough for me. I ordered your 1k pack of 55 fmj about 4 months ago. Had to finish burning up the last of a bunch of crap bulets I bought from an outfit in Florida that sells different types of projectiles. They were their verion 2 I believe. Well they sucked. I loaded your bullets behind a winchester primer with 24.5 grains of H335 at an O.A.L. of 2.260 and shot them off a lead sled at 100 yards. HOLY CRAP!!!!! My best 3 shot group was .44" and the rest were all within 1/2" with one group at .71 with a flyer which was probably me. Just ordered 2 of your 5000 packs @ 385.00  with FREE shipping(which is 7.5 cents a bullet). I love free shipping! I checked midway for shits n grins and they had hornady on sale for 547.99 for 6000 which is 9.1 cents plus shipping...No Brainer....Not to mention I have hardly ever gotten moa out of any of their stuff. Well I'm glad I was referred to you guys. Guess I owe my buddy a few beers now. LOL

by Steve W on .223BulkBullets
Great deal

Just placed my second order for 223 55 gr. First order shipped fast and the product was perfect. Loaded up 200 rounds and I was off to the range. Best group was at 100 yards was 3/4 of an inch. (some of this is my kick ass range skills). My only complaint is I can only give five stars.

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