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223BBimage1Our customers know the level of quality they receive in products from Bobs’ Bulk .223 Bullets, and appreciate our friendly customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, read these testimonials for yourself!

Here are a few testimonials from the Bobs’ Bullets faithful. Feel welcome to leave a review of our products, letting us know about your own experience.

“Your bullets are excellent. Don’t usually write reviews but these are worthy of it. Very happy customer.” — Brett C.

“Got my order last week. Went to the range today with about 6 different loads. Super super freakin accurate bullets. All of the loads grouped well. Just ordered more. Called my buddy and told him to order from your site too.” — Kyle P.

“Not a big review writer but these are worthy of it. I’ve ordered several times and the quality and consistency are always top notch.” — Wayne J.

“These guys have the best bullets on the market hands down!!!! I’ve ordered from them several times and I’m always happy with the service and the bullets. I met them at last year’s shot show in Vegas and they’re great guys who make bullets better than all the big named competitors!” — Dave G.

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 116 reviews
by Dan on .223BulkBullets

My first time ordering from Bobs but expect good things. My scale weighed 1/10 of a grain over 55gr and none under out of a dozen bullets. I can't wait for the chrono results.

by Gaston Clavet on .223BulkBullets
Worth saving link

I cannot believe the price the shipping and the quality.i have never seen a FMJ .223 for under $.08 a piece plus free 2 day shipping and the quality mind blowing, i sampled about a dozzen all within .1 grain off ech other and all at.224. I can't wait to shoot some this weekend,this is certainly a keeper and i will reorder and tell all my shooter friends

by Chris MI on .223BulkBullets
Great Results

Saw a video review on youtube. Guy named Johnny did a great review but his shooting techniques leave something to be desired. I read through all of his comments and several other loaders made suggestions to him that he ignored. Here's my load data and equipment used. I shoot a White Oak Armament 16" upper heavy barrel with a 1:8 twist with a Vortex viper 4x16 scope. I used lake city matching head stamp brass(always when accuracy is desired)and I always clean flash holes and check the flash holes for concentricity. All trimmed to 1.75 using Winchester small rifle primers.The powder I prefer for lighter bullets is H335 and I settled on 25.1 grains. I DID NOT use a supressor because as most people know they're known for killing your accuracy with lighter bullets.(flyers!!!)(which he had a lot of in his videos causing his group sizes to grow substantially. He had some fantastic groups going and then he would have a single shot sail on him. Not sure if that was poor shooting or his poor selection in brass? Who knows)By using far superior brass(fc brass is horrible quality),cleaning my flash holes,shooting off a bench(not the dirt) and leaving the can(supressor) at home I was able to shoot a string of ten 5 shot groups ranging from .38" to my worst group of .69".Needless to say I'm very impressed with your bullets and you will notice I just placed my second order for 10,000 bullets. I am not a professional and I don't have a youtube channel but I know how to load for accuracy and I know a great bullet when I find one! Keep up the amazing job you guys are doing. I will recommend your bullets to everyone I know without hesitation.

by George on .223BulkBullets
Great customer service

I placed my first order and made a mistake on the shipping address. I though I had put my street address but had actually put my po box....Well I called kind of peeved about not getting my order and spoke with a great guy who informed me the package had been delivered to my po box 3 days after my order.....duh. I appologized for my ignorance and he was completely professional and very nice. I guess I'm getting old. It was very refreshing to get some nice attentive customer service for a change. I will definately be buying more from these guys. P.S. the bullets are fantastic too.

by Gary Lowmen NC on .223BulkBullets
Fantastic product

This is my 3rd time ordering from your company. Bullets are very consistent. Great shooting bullet. Can't beat the price. I know people probably ask you all the time but if you made a 30 caliber bullet this good you would completely own the market. Keep up the great job you're doing. I'll be a lifetime customer. Absolutely love that you're an American company also!

by Hodge....Bama on .223BulkBullets
Best bullet money can buy

Ive been using your 55 fmjs for years now. Best bullet money can buy without a doubt. Period.....Well i just saw a youtube video by some guy whos youtube channel is johnnys reloading bench. Funny ass video and he's beating you up pretty good early on but when he gets to the range he changes his tune and gives you the props you deserve. The bullets are just plain damned accurate. He admits it at the end of the video too. He would have had even better results if he moved the bullet past 3000 fps and took his supressor off. I can't get a great group with any of my guns suppressed either. Theyre still good groups but if he wants a ragged hole group he needs to lose the supressor. Just thought I'd drop my 2 cents...Your bullets kick ass..and I love the fact that they're MADE IN AMERICA. Come on people...you really want to buy a wolf bullet made in the phillipines for 5 bucks less per 1000 and have a shitty bullet that won't even come close to these in accuracy and on top of that not support an American company....pack up and move if thats the case.....Merica! Haha

by Brian on .223BulkBullets
Awesome customer service!

Fast shipping! Awesome customer service! Would not hesitate to recommend to friends!

by Ian on .223BulkBullets
Great Bullets!!!!

I love these. I happened to mention them to a youtuber who ended up reviewing them. He loved them too. I would recommend. I only plink with them, but the price is untouchable anywhere else. They also ship fast!

by Zeek on .223BulkBullets
Accurate as hell

Ordered your 1000 box of 55gr fmjbt with canuler and they are as accurate a bullet Ive ever shot. Just ordered a couple more boxes and I let everyone at my local range know about you. Acouple guys had heard of you and use your bullets also. I told em I was pissed that they never told me about you. Ha....Great damn bullets guys!

by Tom Grossen on .223BulkBullets
Better than the rest

I came across your website while searching for 556 projectiles. Hadn't ever heard of your company. Read your reviews and it all sounded a little too good to be true. I ordered a 1000 pack and they arrived in 3 days. Well my first look at the bullets had me excited. They look incredible. Very nice finish on them. They weighed exactly the same every one I checked was 55.3 grains. Well i just got back from the range and I can't believe the results. The best groups I've ever shot. I had 3 different loads worked up to test and they all shot great. I just ordered your 5000 pack for 7.7 cents per round delivered. What a great deal. I'm so glad I found you guys and decided to order. You have a new customer for life!

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