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by Nick V on .223BulkBullets
Consistent performer

After reloading my first box of 1000, I’m ordering another. The hi BC for the relatively low weight means they get moving fast and keep moving. They work ok at Mag Length, but move faster at 2.24. Sub MOA out of many different rifles.

by Gary Kampo on .223BulkBullets
Great Bullets

I've been buying from you guys for 6 years now and this is the first time I've left a review but I should have long ago. I absolutely love the 223/5.56 bullets you guys make! Most accurate bullet on the market for less than 170 per 1000 and they are always consistent. I have bought from several other companies that sell different versions of this type of bullet but they don't compare to your quality or the consistency. I love the fact that your an American company making an American bullet for Americans. That is something that's extremely hard to accomplish these days. I'm proud to be loading and shooting your bullets and I always tell everyone about you guys. Please continue doing what you do guys. Love your bullets and what you stand for!

by Tom D. Eugene OR on .223BulkBullets
Best on the block!

Heard about you guys at a 3gun shoot I was at. There were a few guys talking about your 55 fmj's. Liked what I heard so I ordered a 500 count box to try out. Well now I know what all the hype was about. You guys make a really superb projectile. Just ordered more. Blew through that 500 pack in a weekend and was utterly thrilled with the way they shot. I've tried about every bullet I could get my hands on and the accuracy and quality of yours is superior in every way. I used to use a lot of 69 grain bullets because they gave me better results at 300 yards and beyond, well not anymore. I'm able to smack clays at 550 yards with your bullet consistently if I do my part behind the gun. I hope you guys maintain this quality for years to come. I'll be a customer for life if you do.

by Zach Breeden on .223BulkBullets
Great customer service

If you need bulk bullets these are the guys to buy from !! You wont be disappointed there customer service is second to none .

by Don Johnson on .223BulkBullets
Thank You

Thank you for producing such high quality products. A couple months ago I purchased 1000 of the 55 gr 223's. They performed wonderfully and I doubt I'll ever buy the name brand stuff.....EVER.

by JLWADE on .223BulkBullets
If I could Rate These Higher I Would

If I could rate these higher I would. The weight consistency is spot on. When the bullet is seated the dimensions are .0005+/-, and I'm using a Lee bullet seater die not some fancy micro seater. The fact that these are only .08 cents is beyond me. The quality control is on point. I'm Just overall impressed with Bob's bullets. Thank you for making an all American bullet. Your hard work definitely shows with the groups I've shot!!

by Dave M. on .223BulkBullets
customer service and bullet quality

these 223 bullets are by far the best i have shot .
service and shipping are top notch " who else would return a phone call at 9 pm" . American owned ! American made! with American materials. Dave M.

by Chris Mumma on .223BulkBullets
Happy Customer!

I've recently placed my first order with Bob's Bullets. I am Absolutely Thrilled with the fast shipping,value,and quality of the product! These rounds are Top Notch! I will be recommending you to my fellow shooters! Thx, Chris Mumma

by Peter Barretel on .223BulkBullets
Very Impressed

Just wanted to write in and say how happy I am tht I ordered from you. I had read about you guys in a few online forums and saw some youtube vids and decided to take a chance, and I'm glad I did. Bought your 5000 pack of rem 55 gr fmj for 385 delivered which is only 7.7 cents a round. Great price,super fast shipping and I could not be happier with the results. They shoot sub moa in every gun I own. My best 5 shot group so far has been .55" Not too damn shabby if I say so myself. Just ordeerd another 5k. I am spreading the word about you to fellow reloaders also.

by Eugene Coswin Galviston TX on .223BulkBullets

Damn!!! I just got back from the range and Im totally stoked at the results I got. I read aboit you guys in Reloadinng mag and saw several youtube vids but the proofs in the pudding. I got the best groups of my life from your bullets. Ordered anothe 2k just now. Cant wait to impress my friends at the range

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