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by Steve W on .223BulkBullets
Great deal

Just placed my second order for 223 55 gr. First order shipped fast and the product was perfect. Loaded up 200 rounds and I was off to the range. Best group was at 100 yards was 3/4 of an inch. (some of this is my kick ass range skills). My only complaint is I can only give five stars.

by Eddie H on .223BulkBullets
Great Customer Service

Just had to say I had never ordered from these guys before but I had a question so I emailed them. This was a Saturday at noon. I had a response from a real person not a bot in 15 minutes. Just place d my first order. If the bullets are half as good as the customer service I'll be a customer for life. Very refreshing to see a company that cares this much. Plus I have read numerous excellent reviews online in forums about these guys, SOLD!!!

by Koy Langless on .223BulkBullets
Rifle a d pistol bullets

I have purchased both 55 grain 223 and 125 grain 9mm , the 223 shoots shoots to the same point of impact as my two go to hunting loads out of my 22 250 and my ar 15 cant say enough about these projectiles. As for the 9mm eqaully impressed with quality and performance , these shot tighter group than my fmj reloads and was equally surprised when cleaning the barrel not to have any leading. Thank you again for a great product and great price fast shipping quality packaging other companies should follow your business practice. I will be doing business with your company from now on , also wondering if you plan on expanding offerings ie hollow point 223 maybe

by Neal on .223BulkBullets
Great Bullet

H335  works well for me. Don't blow your face off....LOL
1/8 twist

by Gunner6 on .223BulkBullets
great company

Just got off the phone with the owner. I called to see if it was even possible to talk to the actual owner and he bullshitted with me for 15 minutes. I have used about every 5.56 bullet on the market and I have had a 500 pack of Bob's bullets for over 2 years that I won in a 3 gun tournament they sponsored a stage at. Well I ran out of all the other 55 fmjs finally and loaded some of these. Holy crap are these little bastards accurate! After a trip to the desert to stretch them out a ways I am able to shoot sub moa at 350 yards. Decided to call the company after doing some research on them and was pleasantly surprised to talk with the actual owner and can't say enough how impressed I am with the product and the people. Not to mention that these bullets are made right here in th US with only USA materials! Can't say that about any other projectiles I'll bet. Loyal faithful cheerleader for your company and bullet right here guys. Keep makin American Great Again!!!

by Reese F. Gadsden Al on .223BulkBullets
Incredible Bullets!!!

Well after the elections and the way things look like they are headed for this country I decided to stock up on some projectiles before my government decides I don't need them. My usual source was out of stock and I had heard of you guys before so I decided to give yours a chance. After looking at the prices (which are great by the way) I decided to roll the dice with your 5000 pack for 385 and free shipping. 7.7 cents a piece delivered is amazing! Well I just returned from the first range trip and I am in AWE of these little pills you guys make. 1/2" out of my remington 700 short barrel varmint rifle and .65 out of my ruger 5.56 truck gun. I couldn't be any happier that my old supplier was out of stock and I tried you guys out. This is now my new bullet shop. Just ordered 10k more. Wife will be pissed but oh

by Brendan Puth on .223BulkBullets
Very Pleased

Just Received my order last week. First time ordering from your company. I bought the 1000 count 223 for 83 dollars delivered. I was skeptical because the price is lower than many other places I've bough from before. Bullets arrived in 3 days. Packaged very nicely. Appearance is very nice. Very nice finish. I weighed 50 or so and they were all exactly 55 grains(wow) I've found a LOT more weight variance with other companies. Just went to the range yesterday and I am very pleased with the performance. Sub MOA in the 3 rifles I brought to try them out in. I think with a little tweaking to my load and perhaps my OAL I can see half inch groups with your bullet. I will be buying all of my 55 grain bullets from you guys now. Will be ordering your 5000 pack very soon. Thank you for the great bullets

by Keith Rikers on .223BulkBullets

Heard about you guys from a prepper buddy of mine.The guy is a loading fool. He's also one of the best shots I've ever seen. Just got into reloading. Bought a Dillon 650 and while I was on the phone with Dillon I asked the guy what 223 bullet he loads and he said 223bulkbullets. Well thats 2 people that said you guys were their go to bullet. Bought a 1000 pack of the non cannelured version. Holy crap! Just got back from the range and I love you guys! I loaded 24.5 grains of H335 fron Hodgdon and the results blew me away. 1/2 " groups off of a bipod and I aint bullshittin. Ordered another 3000 bullets. Still cant believe the accuracy of your bullets. What the hell are you guys doing to make them this accurate. 85 bucks a thousand to shoot this good? Sold!!!!! LOVE you guys!

by Warren on .223BulkBullets
Thank You!

I rarely post a review, however, I want to thank you Bob, and you too Bob, for providing the shooting community with such a high quality product at a fair and reasonable price. I just received my second order of .223 bullets and want to tell you how pleased I am once again with your quality, service and fast shipping. Too many companies these days start out great and end in failure after losing sight and forsaking their customers, just to line their pockets. Please continue the good work for your appreciative and loyal customers. Thank You!

by James on .223BulkBullets
very happy

Read about your company in "The complete book of Reloading" magazine. They put your 55 grain 223/5.56 projectile up against 2 other big named bullet companies and you beat them both out hands down. I used the authors load data and made a few adjustments. I'm 100% satisfied with my results. I never expected to achieve the results I got with a bullet that cost 8.3 cents each. I typically load 55gr for plinking ammo. I usually get 1.5" groups with this type of load. With your bullet I am able to shoot .75" 10 shot groups almost every time. The few flyers I get are due to the shooter I'm sure. I posted your information at my local shooting range/club. A couple guys have already tried them and are just as impressed. Glad I found that article on your bullets. Thanks!

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