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by Muzzleflash on .223BulkBullets
Switched from Hornady

I switched from Hornady 55 grain FMJ/BT. They work just as well to 100 yards in competition. The cannelured bullets did not require a seating or crimping die adjustment. Great value!

by Krzysztof on .223BulkBullets

Fantastic bullets very accurate price was right

by Les on .223BulkBullets
Good quality

Good quality and good price!

by Merle on .223BulkBullets
223 bullets

Purchased 1000 223 55 grain bullets, and was pleasently surprized at the quality, and accuracy of your products. The best part of my purchase is the quality, and made in America. Thanks Bob!

by Gabe K on .223BulkBullets
Good Stuff

So far I’ve loaded and shot 2000 of the 55gr FMJ with cannelure, and I find them to be of consistent weight and construction, accurate, and economical. Thank you for producing a great product.

by Gary Beeson on .223BulkBullets
Fantastic American Company

I'll start by saying I never leave reviews unless I come across an exceptional product. Well these 55fmj's are exceptional bullets. I've been loading for roughly 25 years and have used just about every bullet on the market. A friend I do long range 6.5 shooting with told me about Bob's Bullets and how amazed he was with the accuracy from a 55. He as well as myself usually load a 77 for ranges over 200 yards due to the inconsistent nature of lighter bullets at longer distances. Well I can tell you these 55 pills will smack clay pigeons out to 400+ on a calm day. That is just absolutely unheard of in the world of 55's especially FMJ's! I actually called them to tell them how impressed I was with the bullets and I actually got to talk to the owner(BOB) on the phone and I am even more impressed with the quality of human being that he is than with the bullets now. This company is the epitome of what a small business should be in this great country of ours. It harkens back to the days when all companies were built on the basic principles of making an excellent product at an excellent price. This is not the way things are anymore unfortunately. Bob you have a customer for life. Thank you for everything you stand for and represent.

by Alex Gordon on .223BulkBullets
Accurate FMJ

Accurate FMJ good for coyotes little pelt damage .

by Dennis on .223BulkBullets
Fast shipping,

Did not shoot them yet but shipping was fast as hell Thanks

by Kevin Lundahl on .223BulkBullets
55 grain 223

Ordered 1000 55 grain 223, price was right and they got here before I knew it! I will be doing more business with Bob.

by Murray Brown on .223BulkBullets
223/9mm bullets

Bobs bullets are very accurate bullets at good price. Great company to buy from because of products and customer service. Keep up great work you do for the shooting community

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