Why Should Reloaders Use Bobs’ .223 Bulk Bullets?

All of Bobs’ Bullets are manufactured right here in the United States, by experienced shooting enthusiasts who know what it takes to engineer an extremely consistent projectile. The precision and forethought that goes into our manufacturing process gives Bobs’ Bulk 223 Bullets the very best accuracy available on the reloading market. Our .223 Rem FMJ bullet design maximizes accuracy and speed. Take a look at what makes our bullets the best for your AR15 rifle or bolt gun:

  • Our longer total copper full-metal jacket reduces bullet jump, and increases speed and accuracy while reducing barrel wear.
  • Our custom-blended heel provides a more uniform base, which increases accuracy.
  • Our tight weight tolerances provide consistent ballistic performance.
  • Our light cannelure reduces jacket distortion, which improves accuracy.
  • Our core is seated deep within the jacket, reducing air space and resulting in a more accurate bullet.
  • We obtain lead in bulk batches of 40,000 lbs, which means higher production consistency in all our bulk bullets.
  • Our rigorous quality-control process means only the bullets that meet our highest standards are released for sale.

We’re proud of the high-quality, American-made reloading bullets we manufacture. The craftsmanship of our .223 bulk bullets is most reflected by our loyal customers: we have a 95% re-order rate. See for yourself what our happy customers are saying about Bobs’ Bullets bulk .223 reloading projectiles:

“Not a big review writer but these are worthy of it. I’ve ordered several times and the quality and consistency are always top notch.” — Wayne J.

Projectile Specifications

Bobs’ Bullets bulk .223 Remington FMJBT w/Cannelure

  • Diameter: .224 Inches
  • Weight: 55.3 Grains (typical)
  • Sectional Density: .1575


Ballistic Coefficients (G1):

  • .305 @ 3200 FPS and above
  • .270 @ 3100-2700 FPS
  • .245 @ 2600 FPS and below